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Heilongjiang Realgoal Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in serving food manufacturers. It provides factory planning and design, manufacturing equipment integration, and further construction of intelligentized producing and operating systems. Upon approval by the Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology Department, it is also a supporting institution for the Engineering Research Center of food production quality and safety control in Heilongjiang. Besides, as one of drafters of Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)’s standards for product quality and safety traceability system in infant formula powder industry, the company is also a service agency for integration of informatization and industrialization, and the experimental enterprise of intelligent manufacturing in China’s food industry. IPO on the new three board on January 13, 2015, (Realgoal Technology for short, stock code 831743), it first entered the innovation enterprise list of the new three board.

The company has six wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, including a class-A national design institute with various qualifications of architectural design, process design, and consulting services, etc., an information technology institute, a testing technology research institute, and a production equipment manufacturing base (self-built plant with 8700 square meters). There are technical experts and professional team members who have extensive experience on food technology and testing research, plant design, professional equipment manufacturing, product management, quality control, automation and information technology services, and electronic business management and operation in company .Therefore, the comprehensive solution from prophase plant construction to subsequent operation management can be provided for the food production enterprises.

Since its beginning, the company always adheres to the dominant idea that the progress of food industry should be promoted by technology. On food safety, a full range of technical support and services with international advanced technology of production and management are provided for the domestic food enterprises. Especially, it applies automatic control and information management technology to transform traditional dairy manufacturing technique,and raises the technical level of enterprise product management and the application for market promotion. Thus four interrelated and mutual-supported core business modules are formed.   

The 1st one is turn-key project service which provides comprehensive solution for enterprises, including production plant and process design ( Class A ), design and manufacture of special production equipment, installation of production line, management of engineering project, etc.  The core business involves dairy products, food additives, and functional food. And some large dairy products and health care products manufacturing enterprises such as Beingmate, FIRMUS, Yili, COFCO, Sanyuan, and Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.etc., are  company’s main clients.   

Secondly, comprehensive intelligent production solutions are provided for the food enterprises. The whole process of automatic control and management system is established for the enterprises, with integrated application of modern communication and network technology, automatic equipment technology, mobile network technology, etc. Its typical clients are FIRMUS, Junlebao, Kenfeng Seed, Beijing Suvow, Shaanxi Senfu Pharmaceutical, and Newbaze, etc.

Thirdly, the overall inspection technology solutions are provided for enterprises, including the laboratory planning and design, special testing equipment and experimental consumables, and laboratory information management system (LIMS), etc. Currently, The company is a professional service provider focusing on long - term partnerships with a number of dairy enterprises and related testing institutions which include Yili, Beingmate, FIRMUS, Wondersun, Synutra, and Junlebao, etc.

The last one goes to professional services for production management and technical consultation, including management outsourcing, personnel training, development for new product and technology, and guide services for e-commerce operation.

At present, the company actively makes research and development on the core business of intelligent manufacturing with its technical experience in production management, equipment automation and management information. In 2016, cooperating with FIRMUS dairy and Harbin Institute of Technology as the technical responsible company, it constructed intelligent manufacturing of new model demonstration project for the Ministry of industry. At the same time, it also actively explored the use of cloud technology to establish the intelligent manufacturing and food safety information traceability management platform for some small and medium-sized enterprises.

Realgoal Technology adheres to the mission of making food healthier and safer, the quality policy of keeping improving and ending in best condition, and the philosophy of maximum to meet customer demand. With the business strategy of supporting and helping wholeheartedly to meet the needs of consumers for the food production enterprises, it looks forward to being a trusted safe professional consulting service in the food industry.